Monday, 1 September 2014

Fox in my garden

 With old age creeping up on me and not being so energetic as in my younger days my field trips are not so frequent as I would like, so a lot of my photography is being limited to my small garden. I have several infra-red cameras which are being put to good use just to see what goes on during the hours of darkness. Besides the wood mouse and hedgehog this young dog fox comes quite regular. Mostly after dark but on this occasion visited just after 6.00am.
After a quick check to make sure the coast was clear he finished up the meal worms that had been left for the hedgehog.


  1. Hi Mike!:) Your infra-red cameras are such an asset, I'm really impressed with the photos you have been showing lately.The fox looks so sweet in the first photo. It's a lovely shot with the flowers in the foreground, and it's a good close up shot too. The night time activity that goes on in our gardens is really amazing.

  2. Hi Breathtaking. My sciatica makes it very uncomfortable for me to get around at the moment so to have all this activity on my doorstep (so to speak) is most satisfying. Thank you for your kind comments but there is a bit of luck in it.

  3. Hello again! I'm completely in sympathy with you Mike, because I suffer from the same complaint,... I think we are the same age,... I was born in 39, and at our ages these kind of ailments start to rear their ugly heads. Not nice, not nice at all! However we are fortunate to enjoy the wild life in our gardens, and our hobbies. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Warm Regards.

    like ours, help on wildlife, whereever that may be,... it's a shame you

  4. Have just noticed the line above, drat, thought I had deleted it, the age thing again!:=)


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