Friday, 6 February 2015

Comorant goes fishing

 It was very cold and windy this afternoon so I decided it was a good day to visit the reserve, it was
bound to be quiet. How right I was.I had the place to myself. I parked myself in tern hide and I
hadn't been there 5 minutes when I spotted a cormorant with a rather large fish heading my way.
It had noted the large number of gulls that were present and was heading for the shelter of the reed
beds so that it could devour his meal in peace.
The fish was a little troublesome and put up a bit of a fight that it was never going to win.
 Eventually the fish gave up and became the main course.


  1. Hello Mike!:) Wow! Fantastic shots! They made me smile for sure, for thats one enormous slippery fish. It didn't slip away from the Cormorant though, and you got some amazing captures yourself.
    Hope all is well.
    Best Regards.:)

    1. Thanks Breathtaking, Hope you are well.


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