Thursday, 22 December 2016

Peregrine Falcons

The workmen having long gone and things are getting back to normal around the home I took a break and thought I would look up a couple of old friends of mine. There they were the female screaming at her mate, possibly for something to eat.
Having had enough of her tongue he decided to take off and find something else to do.
He hadn't gone long before he sneaked back while she was looking the other way.
He hid lower down the cliff and watched her. Darkness fell and I left them to their matrimonial difficulties. If only I could get nearer but at my age climbing cliffs is out of the question.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Green woodpecker

A miserable wet day with no chance of going out with my camera when this happened. A green woodpecker decided he liked the colour of my lawn with the sand and other debris left by the the builders covering it.
With the falling rain  I managed this shot through the living room window before it misted up and he had enough and flew off. Its the best bird I have had in the garden since we moved in.

Beware work in progress

For the past two weeks we have extensive  work done on the outside of the house with scaffolding and machinery all over the garden which the animals  have found it all a bit upsetting and they have not been visiting. Most of the work is now finished and the machinery gone and the hedgehogs were the first to return followed closely by the foxes. That's the vixen saying hello to Charlie the hedgehog.
The scaffolding is still up but they don't seem to mind that. The foxes are a pair, this is the male who I have named Bigtail and the vixen I have called Scruff. You would know why if you saw them both together. This is a shot of Bigtail.

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