Tuesday, 22 May 2018


 Every time the hedgehogs visit for their supper I make sure that they know I am there with my camera and slowly they get used to my presence. They are quite happy to pose for me when I am no more than a couple of feet away.
 This one is finding it a bit of a tight squeeze under the bar on the table.
 The second one was a bit late this evening and most of the meal worms had gone.
They come into my garden from different directions each one having its own entrance the through the hedge and they leave by those entrances, each going its own way. They feed happily together, up to four at a time.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

The garden flourishes Part 2

 This is one creature that has done well in my garden. They visit every night for supper and especially over the Christmas period when they call for their dinner. These chaps don't seem to hibernate, they only miss a meal when it is unduly wet.
 Rarely come on their own as this one has.
Soon joined by others. I have a little outhouse from where these photos were taken. Looking forward to the next visit of the fox and who knows maybe a badger.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The garden flourishes at last Part 1

Its nearly three years since we moved into our new home in a Sussex village and the first thing we noticed was the lack of small birds. Trying every trick in the book to encourage them to our garden we had little success. It was a general thing for the area which local inhabitants hadn't noticed. Last year we managed to entice a pair of blackbirds which nested next door and successfully raised four chicks. This year they returned and raised another family.
 During this spring a blue tit was attracted to the feeders and spent much time in a sparrow box which had been available for a couple of years.
 To our surprise after it had spent many nights in it we realised that it had a mate and nested in it. The pair are happily feeding a family at the moment.
The brood patch can clearly be seen on this one. Over the past few days the garden has come alive and for the first time we have had starlings, wren, several robins, coal tit, great tit and song thrush. As well as our three hedgehogs and two foxes. It now looks as though my cameras will be working overtime without me leaving  the house.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Found her.

Perigrine update
Since I saw them mating I have been watching the pair closely and about a week ago the female went missing. I heard her calling  a couple of times but could not see her. This evening all was revealed when her head popped up showing her new nest site. In past years the nest has been hidden and it was not possible to observe the young but this time it looks very promising.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Blackbird family

 For the third year running a pair of blackbirds have raised a family in our garden. Each year the birds get more used to us and this year they appear when called, come when they see the car and when they see us draw the curtains in the morning there they are waiting for breakfast.
Here one of the youngsters tries the bath for the first time.
 This one is waiting on the gate post while I park the car. They used to hide under the car while waiting to be fed which I didn't like so I used to start the car, now they sit on the bonnet.
We have to be careful when in the garden because they get under your feet. I even had one feed out of my hand. We try to deter them from doing this as much as possible as it could go too far.

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