Friday, 14 October 2016

Evening patrol

Still nothing to shout about locally. I go out late afternoon on most days and tour the local patches but there is very little to see. On the way home I call in to see how the peregrines are, as you can see they are both healthy and well fed. The youngsters have long gone although one was seen nearby a couple of days ago.
The foxes are regular visitors to my garden which gives me a use for my trail camera's. The hedgehogs too come in just after dark for their supper. I put down peanuts and mealworms, which the hedgehog loves leaving the peanuts for the fox.


  1. Good morning Mike!:) Nice to see the two Peregrines in the same frame, and see your night time visitor. So many birds and animals love peanuts don't they! The fox also looks well fed! I haven't seen a hedgehog in years, and there used to be so many on the farm.:(

  2. Hi Sonjia, hedgehogs are rarely seen because they solitary creatures and hide from humans. They only come out at night and they need to be tempted and meal worms are the best. I feed them the same time every night and often they are waiting in the corner of the garden. Once they get used to you they will become so much at ease that I have fed them by hand.


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