Sunday, 25 June 2017

Active peregrines

With a bit of luck going my way I was able to get closer to the peregrine nest site than I ever had before and still didn't get out of the car. This youngster was wasn't sure of his next move.......
.....eventually he decided to clamber up the chalk face albeit with some diffculty.
Mum was calling them, probably for their tea.....
.... this one also heard her but he was having fun playing hide-and-seek.
 Dad wasn't the least bit interested.....
.....and decided to fly off and do his own thing.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Family of four

My day was made when I saw these two young peregrines. I knew for weeks that there was a nest up there somewhere and it was confirmed the other day with the sighting of one youngster. Then I spotted these two.

 Then to my amazement I saw two more sitting on top of the cliff. I waited a long time hoping they would move closer to one another but no such luck this is the best shot I could get.
These two seemed to get on well together.
Meanwhile dad sat in a nearby tree watching his new family. All this without getting out of the driving seat of my car.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Barn owls again

 Nothing much happened this evening with the peregrines so my attention turned to the barn owl. This shot it flew straight at me, something that I've had happen several times before. As they hunt by sound I think they investigate the sound of the camera.

 Once it was satisfied it couldn't eat me it carried on hunting.
Owls soon become accustomed to human presence and will fly quite close. I had one land on my camera lens once, unfortuneately there was no-one around to get the picture.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

At last.

 I have been watching these peregrines for many weeks now and this evening I was rewarded by the first sighting of a new family. I had believed there was a nest up there somewhere but watching carefully the movements and behaviour of the birds I just couldn't be certain of its existence.
This evening my thoughts were confirmed with the first sighting of a youngster by this pair and did a bit of practice on its wing movements and making a lot of noise screaming.
 Then I spotted what all the fuss was about, hidden in a tree some distance away was mum having her evening meal.
The youngster didn't have to wait for long and mum brought it a share. Mum then flew off with food in her talons I am sure to feed another.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Gruesome, but life

Paid my usual visit to the peregrines last evening to find mum was feasting on a kill. 
After eating her fill she flew off to feed the youngsters. Still cannot locate the nest. my view being obscured by the trees. The young ones can be heard welcoming mum.
Meanwhile behind my back the barn owl is doing the same more quietly and sedately.

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