Friday, 22 June 2018

My garden

I get lots of surprises in my garden. Foxes, hedgehogs and the occasional evidence of a badger visit but this is one that I never expected. This albino hog is the sixth individual to visit this year and it is a lifetime first for me.

It looked very comfortable with me so close and carried on eating so I think it will be a regular visitor. With the quality of the food that I put out it will be back.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Young fox in the garden

 Because of my age and falling energy levels I am concentrating on the wildlife that comes into my garden. I put out small amounts of popular foods to encourage locals to stop by for a snack.
This young fox caught me by surprise. I was setting up my camera when it came round the corner of the house. The flash made it jump and not knowing which way to run it got a bit tied up.
Meanwhile these two hedgehogs carried on playing ( male and female) and took no notice.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Coffee break

I haven't had much to shout about for some time but today after a visit to the dentist for Jacque we dropped in at Pulborough Brooks for a cup of coffee. Of course I just happened to have my camera with me. Sitting by the window that overlooks the feeders this is what I got while drinking my coffee.  First a greenfinch.
 Then a gtreater spotted woodpecker that played hide and seek. She didn't like the sound of the camera shutter and disappeared every time she heard it.
 Goldfinches were in abundance. This one was happy to pose for me.
 Nuthatch prefered the sunflower hearts rather than the peanuts.
This pair of house sparrows is something that is not seen in my garden just a couple of miles down the road, but I am working on it.
While all this was going on a young rabbit was keeping his beady eye on me.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Hogs round for supper

As usual I put the dish of mealworms out for the hogs supper and the first one turned up giving me a black look.  This one appeared through the hedge from my neighbours garden.
Soon after number two arrived coming across the road at the back of my house.
They know I am there with my camera and one is camera shy and will always turn his back on me.
After they had gone I checked my infra-red camera which was positioned to get a different view that I realized a third had joined the party.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


 Every time the hedgehogs visit for their supper I make sure that they know I am there with my camera and slowly they get used to my presence. They are quite happy to pose for me when I am no more than a couple of feet away.
 This one is finding it a bit of a tight squeeze under the bar on the table.
 The second one was a bit late this evening and most of the meal worms had gone.
They come into my garden from different directions each one having its own entrance the through the hedge and they leave by those entrances, each going its own way. They feed happily together, up to four at a time.

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