Thursday, 21 March 2019


 Another trip down to the wetlands today proved to be quite succesful. The weather was much better than my previous visits. The wildlife was very obliging. This pintail liked having its picture taken and kept appearing at the end of my lens.
 Oyster catchers were few and far between but this one also liked his picture taken and was never very far away.
This was the star of the day. I have never seen a ( pochard) widgeon with such vibrant colours. These three birds were visitors and not resident.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Change of plans

 After a lifetime supporting the RSPB I felt as though I've  had enough. Years of watching a bunch of amateurs trying to be professionals I decided to pay the WWT a visit and was I impressed, I joined on the spot. There were people who new what they were talking about, helpfull, polite, the cafe was excellent, the reception  was well furnished with a viewing area so good it was not nescessary to venture outside.  It was lousy day weatherwise and not good for photography but through the windows I managed to get these pictures.
Never been this close to an eider before

This hawaiian goose sat on the path enjoying a bit of sun ( briefly)

A pochard enjoying the same bit of sun.
I did not go prepared for photography so I am looking forward to my next visit when I shall go fully prepared.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Peregrines again

I hope you are all not going to get fed-up with my peregrine pictures. The large birds seem to be the only ones surviving in any numbers in my area. My health and age is stopping me from walking too far away from the car or climbing to get nearer to these birds. All my pictures are taken on 3/4 frame 500mm lens on a full frame camera with a built in 2 times converter so you can see its like taking pictures through a high powered telescope. The above pictures the bird was was over 200m away. I rest the camera on the roof of the car the birds can see me but they don't seem to mind

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Peregrine falcon

A glorious afternoon for February so I went for a tour round my favourite spots and as it has been for the past couple of years nothing to see. Not even a sparrow, just the odd ferral pidgeon and crow. As usual I finished up at the quarry where I knew the peregrines would be enjoying the sunshine. I was able to get closer today but there was only one. I hope they mate more successfully this year that will give me something to do during the summer.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Old faithfulls

 With the wildlife depleting in my area I havn't done much in the way of photography. The wildlife locally has been much affected by the demise of the insect life. Small birds and animals have almost disappeared through lack of food. Probable cause either air polution or farmers overdoing the crop feeding. But the peregrines soldier on travelling much further to feed.
A better day weatherwise I decided to see how the peregrine pair were doing and there they were sitting in their favourite spot enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

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