Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Getting ready for spring

I have spent the last few weeks preparing my garden for the arrival of spring. Planting trees ( fruit and berries)  for the birds to feed on and roost in. Nest boxes, for robin, sparrow and tits and any other species that would care to live here. I had a rest from the chores today and popped down to the quarry to see how the peregrines were doing. The pair were busy mating at the top of the cliff, I tried to grab my camera quickly to get the shot but by the time I had set it up it was too late and all I got was the male departing. The foxes and hedgehogs have been regular visitors to my garden right through the winter showing up on my infra-red camera's most nights. 


  1. Brilliant shot though Mike! I get so excited this time of year. There are Osprey nesting not far from us, so I am in eager anticipation of their return next month

    1. Ospreys pass through my patch and sometimes I get lucky.


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