Monday, 7 August 2017

Peregrines growing up

I havn't paid many visits to the peregrine family for a few weeks because of computer and camera troubles which I may cover on a different post. As you can see their plumage is changing colour and they are beginning to look more mature.
There were four chicks, since fledging two seem to have moved off some distance and are not seen that often while the other two have moved from the nest site and prefer to roost in some tall trees. All are being harder to find. 


  1. Hello Mike!:) Super shots of the young Peregrines. They are becoming independent, and looking very handsome. I hope your troubles are now over. Have a good week. Take care!:)

  2. Hi Sonjia, My computer is fixed, I just live in a bad area which is my only problem now. My camera tale is a different story which I shall post about soon if I don't get any satisfaction from Sony. Take care, Mike.

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    1. Hi Ken, Thanks Ken. Not doing a lot at the moment, having lots of niggling problems. Mike.


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