Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Murder most foul

 I make it a habit to check any badger carcas that I come across on my travels. This one appeared just 10 minutes after I had driven along this peice of road. It was so fresh that even the flies had yet to find it. Method of killing was most certainly shot gun. It was an obvious illegal killing and so close to home I didn't report it in case of any backlash. This happened more than 2 months ago. Badgers use their own pathways and this was nowhere any known pathway in fact local badgers are nowhere near this spot.
Badgers are a protected animal and one has to have a special licence, only issued in certain area's during the official cull.


  1. Hello Mike!:) How very sad, and a nasty crime. It's strange that the poor badger was in this area. I don't even think they should be culled, let alone killed for sport.

  2. Hi Sonjia, I beleive the badger was killed elseware and the body dumped there, this often is the case so making it difficult to trace those responsible. I have seen many cases such as this. Take care, Mike.

  3. I just don't get it, Badger's catch Bovine TB, the name Bovine suggest's they catch it from cattle not vice versa. Great post.

  4. Thank you Sam, The word bovine when refering to people also means dull or stupid. Need I say more.

  5. If feel sorry for that!! :-((( is such a beautiful and nice animal ...

    Kind regard..

    1. Hi Ana, I agree, it is the cleanest wild animal in this country. BTB is not a problem where there are no cattle, just badgers. Such a beautiful animal to observe and photograph. Take care, Mike.


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