Monday, 29 May 2017

Peregrines in flight

 These pictures wre taken at a distance of about 350ft so I am very pleased with the results (with a little help from photoshop). They speak highly of my Sony cameras and my 22 year old Sigma 500 lens.
They are taken using my binoculars as a rest on the roof of my car.

This one I had the camera trained on the sitting bird when the other flew in almost hitting its mate.


  1. Nice work Mike.

    I watched adults feeding a youngster while we were in Greece BUT too far away for the lens.

    1. Thanks Frank, Its tricky photography, about 1 in 10 shots are worth keeping.

  2. For that range of shot, they have come out extremely well.

    1. Thanks Marc, They are so far away the locals didn't know they were there.


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