Saturday, 17 June 2017

At last.

 I have been watching these peregrines for many weeks now and this evening I was rewarded by the first sighting of a new family. I had believed there was a nest up there somewhere but watching carefully the movements and behaviour of the birds I just couldn't be certain of its existence.
This evening my thoughts were confirmed with the first sighting of a youngster by this pair and did a bit of practice on its wing movements and making a lot of noise screaming.
 Then I spotted what all the fuss was about, hidden in a tree some distance away was mum having her evening meal.
The youngster didn't have to wait for long and mum brought it a share. Mum then flew off with food in her talons I am sure to feed another.


  1. Hello Mike.. Fantastic shots.. Happy week..

    1. Hi Ana, thank you for your comments. I can't believe I am getting these shots from inside my car. Take care, Mike.


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