Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Barn owls again

 Nothing much happened this evening with the peregrines so my attention turned to the barn owl. This shot it flew straight at me, something that I've had happen several times before. As they hunt by sound I think they investigate the sound of the camera.

 Once it was satisfied it couldn't eat me it carried on hunting.
Owls soon become accustomed to human presence and will fly quite close. I had one land on my camera lens once, unfortuneately there was no-one around to get the picture.


  1. Hello Mike!:) Yes, I did have a nice birthday, thank you.

    Amazing shots of the barn owl!:) Interesting about them flying right at you, I had the same experience with barn swallows and house martins, in the quiet dirt lanes in the Algarve. I couldn't understand why they did this,... and as I had been trying to photograph them in flight,...which I discovered is almost an impossibility, I assumed they were teasing or taunting me. It happened so often, that I waited for it to happen camera at the ready, but they changed direction too quickly for me to get one good shot. I have never heard of an owl landing on a camera before, what a great experience, but I have seen you holding the one you nursed, and that must have been very rewarding. Best Regards

    1. Thank you Sonjia, The barn owls are performing well at the moment. Its good to just sit in the car and wait for them to appear. Owls are not an intellegent bird but they take to man very easily. I have may pictures of barn owls which were easily got as soon as they got used to me. Take care, Mike.

  2. Hi Mike.
    Nice pics of the Barn Owl.

    1. Thanks Ken, My luck seems to be in at the moment.


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