Friday, 25 July 2014

After the storms

 After the storms this afternoon I took my usual trip to the reserve. I had been trying to get a decent picture of one of the pair of common sandpipers that have been hanging around. This one was very obliging.
 A couple of odd photo opportunities arose. Whats this? A swan who thinks he's a heron or a heron who thinks he's a swan.
This heron stood like this for several minutes. Does anybody know what he is up to?
 This kingfisher was defending his fishing post and barked abuse at a passing grey wagtail.
He even had a go at a tern on the goal post but not so brave this time and quickly left.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Exploring young fox

 Sitting quietly in tern hide with several others when the word fox was whispered and out of the undergrowth appeared a young dog fox. A hot day and thirsty the need for a drink had overcome his fear.

 He paused for a moment when he realised he was being watched.
 Not sure about the situation he seemed undecided.
Thirst overcame fear and he carried on down to the waters edge for his drink.
 Thirst quenched he crept of into the bushes.
Pausing for second for me to take his portrait.

Monday, 21 July 2014


 Went to the reserve as usual this afternoon with the cameras set up to photograph the kingfishers and to my dissapointment the hide was packed. Unable to sit I stood behind until a space was available when Bobs P showed me what she had photographed before my arrival. Whimbrel, never seen one before at the reserve and there it was hiding on a tern raft.
 Strutting up and down as though it owned the place much to the consternation of the terns who quite rightly had first call as they were here first.
Several attempts by the terns to dislodge the intruder but to no avail it stayed put.
To round the afternoon off a young common tern sat on the post in front of the hide,( normally reserved for kingfishers ) and posed for the camera. I hadn't realised what a pretty bird it is.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Kingfishers again

I spent a couple of hours at the reserve this afternoon. I went with the specific intention of photographing kingfishers, a bit of a risky idea but I thought if I went with a camera set up I might get lucky. Knowing that they probably wouldn't come too close I put my 500 f4 on my full frame A77 so as to give me every chance of a good shot. I hadn't been in the hide for more than 5 minutes when it appeared.
 It came and went several times and each time I was ready for him. I managed to get a large number of shots of which these are some of the best.
 I like my pictures to have a bit of life in them, a bit of action is always welcome. I had the camera trained on the post and waited for him to return with a fish. I fired off several shots of which this one I thought captured the moment well..
After a few dips into the water he gave himself a good shake.

Friday, 4 July 2014

More tern pics.

With old age creeping up on me plus Jacques poor health I don't venture too far at the moment so I am stuck with short trips to Warnham LNR. Which means terns and sometimes kingfishers. I wondered at the time what this tern was actually doing, it wasn't drinking, it wasn't fishing, I now discover that it is cleaning its bill from fish scales or dirt.
Its like this Doc' every time I fly over the pond I get this sharp pain behind my left ear.
 I like pictures with this effect. Spot meter on the subject with a darkish background and this is the result.
Almost the same shot with with normal metering gives a totally different effect. Here endeth the lesson.

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