Saturday, 21 March 2015

Fox meets cat

 Most nights I put out one of my infra-red cameras just to see what goes on in the garden while we
sleep. A lot of people local to us turn their cats out at night which usually end up in our garden to
see what we've got to offer. I thought that the presence of a fox would deter the cats. I was so
wrong  after what the camera showed last night. The camera lens makes the cat look bigger than
the fox but I can assure you the fox is at least four times the size.

To my amazement the fox left to enable cat to nibble the dog biscuits that I had put out.

Mike Attwood - Photographer

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Evacuated during the second world war to a village in Yorkshire where I lived in the home of a good photographer for more than five years who taught me the basics and a great deal about nature. Well past retirement age I have been a wildlife photographer for more than 30 years. Red Kites have been my speciality for much of this period. I did spend several years snapping wheelchair athletes and organizing the British Road Race Championship. In the year 2000 I was awarded a distinction by the Royal Photographic Society for my portfolio on wheelchair athletes. Most of my pics are digital, using Sony cameras and Sigma lenses. I used to spend many weeks each year with friends in Wales which is close to the Elan Valleys where I got many of my raptor pics. I now get these pictures more closely to home, specially red kites and peregrines. I support my pension by selling my pics, cards, coasters, fridge magnets and key rings etc. at craft fairs, something I wish I had done much earlier in life. I give illustrated talks to clubs and societies on wildlife and other branches of photography that I have been involved in.