Sunday, 14 August 2016


The herons on our village pond are quite used to the traffic noise and passers-by and so are very obliging when it comes to being photographed. I don't know why they are called grey herons because these are most certainly blue.
Strange pose of this one, it had spotted a goldfish,(there are several in the pond) and he appeared to get annoyed with it. By the angle of its foot I thought it might going to stamp on it.
With the angle of the setting sun reflecting off the water gave the appearance of an actor in front of the stage footlights.
This one is an actor playing the part of a swan.


  1. Good morning Mike!:) Ha ha!! that last shot does look like he's posing like a swan, and the shot with the raised foot and hair is a curious pose indeed. All very good images with nice lighting. Best Regards.

    1. Hi Sonjia, He's quite a character and loves posing for the camera.

  2. Hello Mike!:) Your sweet story about the Little Owl was so touching. It's really not so amazing how he remembered you, because the more I learn about animals, and now birds, the more I realize that they have feelings not unlike our own, and your kindness to the Little Owl was remembered. I can imagine how much you enjoyed your time with him. Thank you for telling me about it.:)


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